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Contemporary Art and Paintings By British Contemporary Artists.

Scottish Exhibition - opens 13 July 2024

Contemporary Art, Paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists

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Red Rag Gallery specialises in present day British Contemporary Art and holds exhibitions throughout the year. Red Rag is the perfect place for collectors and lovers of fine British contemporary art. The gallery aims to be open and welcoming to all visitors and collectors of contemporary art. Coupled with a comprehensive website Red Rag has established a reputation for encouraging and promoting contemporary art from British artists to a wide audience.

Contemporary art varies enormously. However, the definition of Contemporary Art is simply "art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes." Red Rag is proud to play a small part in the ongoing creation and appreciation of contemporary art. Since 2003 the gallery has continually promoted and supported British art and artists by showing a wide range of contemporary art, paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists. The contemporary art gallery represents British artists of International standing and also promotes contemporary art and art prints from emerging artists. All Contemporary art shown at Red Rag Gallery is sourced from each artist studio

As one of the leading UK contemporary art galleries Red Rag is open every day for contemporary art, paintings, limited edition prints and modern Sculptures from the best of established and young British Artists. Throughout the year Red Rag Contemporary Art Gallery exhibits some outstanding examples of contemporary art, paintings and sculptures from British contemporary artists. Typically these are shown at our regular contemporary art events - for further information please contact the gallery

Our latest art promotion is a mixed show featuring the contemporary paintings from some of our regular artists.


George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Autumn

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Garden Cottage
Garden Cottage

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Lobster Pots
Lobster Pots

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Russet

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - The Big Yacht
The Big Yacht

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - The Handyman's Bike
The Handyman's Bike


Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - A Day's Work
A Day's Work

Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - Birdseye, Pittenweem
Birdseye, Pittenweem

Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - East Neuk Entrance
East Neuk Entrance

Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - Hidden Light, Venice
Hidden Light, Venice

Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - Pay as you Go, Cellardyke
Pay as you Go, Cellardyke

Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - Restaurant, Les Remparts
Restaurant, Les Remparts

Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - Shoregate Entrance, Crail
Shoregate Entrance, Crail

Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - The Lion of Venice
The Lion of Venice

Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - Two's Company
Two's Company

Dale BISSLAND, contemporary artist - Venetian Entrance
Venetian Entrance


Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Bathers (Red Sea)
Bathers (Red Sea)

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Hessian Sails (Pink)
Hessian Sails (Pink)

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Les Baigneuses
Les Baigneuses

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Puffer

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Red Hessian Sails
Red Hessian Sails

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Rockpool

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Seahorse


Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Clifftop Poppies, Isle of Arran
Clifftop Poppies, Isle of Arran

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Evening, Trawler passing Taransay
Evening, Trawler passing Taransay

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Golden Sunset, Isle of Arran
Golden Sunset, Isle of Arran

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Inverary Bound
Inverary Bound

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Luskentyre Machair
Luskentyre Machair

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Wild Crocosmia at Sunset, Harris
Wild Crocosmia at Sunset, Harris

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Wild Flowers, Isle of Skye
Wild Flowers, Isle of Skye


Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Capturing Claude
Capturing Claude

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Manet's Blues
Manet's Blues

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Meeting Mondrian
Meeting Mondrian

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Shaped by Mondrian
Shaped by Mondrian

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Venetian Dreams
Venetian Dreams

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Venice Impressions
Venice Impressions


Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Bather

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Bather by the Window
Bather by the Window

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Little Nude Draped
Little Nude Draped

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Model by the Window
Model by the Window

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Model in Stripes
Model in Stripes

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Model Reclining
Model Reclining

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Model Seated
Model Seated

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Model Seated with Red Hair
Model Seated with Red Hair

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Seated Blue Bather
Seated Blue Bather

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Seated Female Figure II
Seated Female Figure II

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Seated Woman with Tulips
Seated Woman with Tulips

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - The Blue Armchair
The Blue Armchair

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Window Seat
Window Seat

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Woman Dressing
Woman Dressing

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Young Couple
Young Couple

Joan GILLESPIE, contemporary artist - Young Woman at the Table
Young Woman at the Table


Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - A Dog's Life
A Dog's Life

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - A Little Red
A Little Red

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Magenta

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Musical Chairs
Musical Chairs

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Pride and Joy
Pride and Joy

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Stay!

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Striking a Pose
Striking a Pose

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - The Jasmine Room
The Jasmine Room

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - The Little Dancer
The Little Dancer

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Towards the Clocktower, Venice
Towards the Clocktower, Venice

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Venice Visited
Venice Visited

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Waters Edge
Waters Edge


Robert KELSEY, contemporary artist - Beachcombers, Arisaig
Beachcombers, Arisaig

Robert KELSEY, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Boatyard, Macduff
Boatyard, Macduff

Robert KELSEY, contemporary artist - Evening Light, Arran
Evening Light, Arran

Robert KELSEY, contemporary artist - Fishing Boat, Macduff
Fishing Boat, Macduff

Robert KELSEY, contemporary artist - Summer Croft, Ardnamurchan
Summer Croft, Ardnamurchan

Robert KELSEY, contemporary artist - Yacht casting off, Iona
Yacht casting off, Iona

Stuart MOIR

Stuart MOIR, contemporary artist - Coppélius

Stuart MOIR, contemporary artist - En

Stuart MOIR, contemporary artist - Le Marchand de Pommes et L'Apiculteur
Le Marchand de Pommes et L'Apiculteur

Stuart MOIR, contemporary artist - Perrine Moncrieff, Ornithologist
Perrine Moncrieff, Ornithologist

Stuart MOIR, contemporary artist - Peter Henlein
Peter Henlein

Stuart MOIR, contemporary artist - Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain

Morag MUIR

Morag MUIR, contemporary artist - Sunflower Moon
Sunflower Moon

Morag MUIR, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Tapestry Window
Tapestry Window


Euan McGREGOR, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Boats in Portsoy Harbour
Boats in Portsoy Harbour

Euan McGREGOR, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> St Abbs
St Abbs


Lynn McGREGOR, contemporary artist - Calm Pools
Calm Pools

Lynn McGREGOR, contemporary artist - Small Bay
Small Bay

Lynn McGREGOR, contemporary artist - Summer Hedge
Summer Hedge

Lynn McGREGOR, contemporary artist - Winter Sand
Winter Sand


Alice McMURROUGH , contemporary artist - Coming Events Cast Their Shadows
Coming Events Cast Their Shadows


Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Beach Dogs
Beach Dogs

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Birds at the Bay
Birds at the Bay

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - East Coast Lighthouse
East Coast Lighthouse

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - In a Row
In a Row

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Night Woods
Night Woods

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Shooting the Breeze
Shooting the Breeze

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Signs of Spring
Signs of Spring

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Sunlit Woods
Sunlit Woods

Astrid TRÜGG

Astrid TRÜGG, contemporary artist - Bowl with Scallops
Bowl with Scallops

Astrid TRÜGG, contemporary artist - Les Moules
Les Moules

Astrid TRÜGG, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Les Sardines au Citron Frais
Les Sardines au Citron Frais

Astrid TRÜGG, contemporary artist - Salty Mussels
Salty Mussels

Astrid TRÜGG, contemporary artist - Summer Setting
Summer Setting

Astrid TRÜGG, contemporary artist - The Blue Coffee Pot
The Blue Coffee Pot


Nancy TURNBULL, contemporary artist - Borders Landscape
Borders Landscape

Nancy TURNBULL, contemporary artist - Colours of Luskentyre
Colours of Luskentyre

Nancy TURNBULL, contemporary artist - Field Edge, Fife
Field Edge, Fife

Nancy TURNBULL, contemporary artist - Orange Roof, North Uist
Orange Roof, North Uist

Nancy TURNBULL, contemporary artist - Pink Clouds over Harris
Pink Clouds over Harris

Nancy TURNBULL, contemporary artist - Rocks, Blackwaterfoot
Rocks, Blackwaterfoot

Nancy TURNBULL, contemporary artist - Shore at Port Charlotte
Shore at Port Charlotte

Nancy TURNBULL, contemporary artist - Summer Skies, Appin
Summer Skies, Appin

Nancy TURNBULL, contemporary artist - Summer, Kirkcudbright
Summer, Kirkcudbright


Colin WILSON, contemporary artist - Call of the Wild
Call of the Wild

Colin WILSON, contemporary artist - Champagne with Chocolates and Fruit
Champagne with Chocolates and Fruit

Colin WILSON, contemporary artist - Champagne with Macarons and Cherries
Champagne with Macarons and Cherries

Colin WILSON, contemporary artist - Red Wine with Grapes
Red Wine with Grapes

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