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Sculpture and Sculptors Artist Damien ROCHFORD - Running Hare



Animals Sculpture by Damien ROCHFORD

Running Hare
Damien ROCHFORD - Running Hare

Sculpture and Sculptors at Red Rag
Artist: Damien ROCHFORD

Damien Rochford was born in Manchester in 1960. He studied Art and Illustration at Bolton College of Art and Design. This was followed by further Post Graduate study in Illustration and Printmaking at the Art College in Bower Ashton.

Damien Rochford worked for many years as a successful commercial artist and illustrator. He worked in publishing, advertising, editorial and animation, and also the computer software and games sector before taking up sculpting in 2007.

Talking about his sculptures Damien says:"I use a variety of materials when sculpting. These include clays, polymer clay, plaster and waxes. Each material has it's own tactile and working characteristics influencing how each of my pieces develops. In addition to the human form and portraiture I also love animals and birds as subjects for my sculptures. Their beauty of form, movement, strength and spirit are a great inspiration for my sculptures."

By striving for a keen sense of balance, harmony of composition, pose, movement and form Damien aims to produce sculpture that offers more than just a representation of a chosen subject. Damien is mainly self-taught as a sculptor. Many great sculptors have served as inspiration for Rochford's sculptures particularly Henry Moore, August Rodin and Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Damien's sculptures are cast in 'foundry' bronze using the lost wax process. They are then hand finished and patinated, making each piece a unique work of art. In addition to Red Rag art gallery Damien Rochford sculpture has been exhibited at other British Art Galleries. Each sculpture at Red Rag is sourced from the Damien Rochford sculptor studio and like all Red Rag British art and Contemporary art it can be shipped worldwide.

This is the Red Rag Sculpture and Sculptors Art Gallery website page which features paintings of Architectural subjects. Within the art listings you will find artists with an International reputation plus the Sculpture and Sculptors art works of young artists. At Red Rag Sculpture and Sculptors Art Gallery there is always an extensive choice of contemporary paintings featuring Architectural scenes from across the world.

All the Architectural paintings available from Red Rag Art Gallery are acquired directly from the Sculpture and Sculptors art studio of each featured artist. This guarantees that the paintings are genuine pieces of fine contemporary art from the artist. In addition to guaranteeing authenticity it also ensures that Red Rag Sculpture and Sculptors Art Gallery offers best and value for money.

Red Rag Sculpture and Sculptors Art Gallery is open seven days a week for sales of contemporary Sculpture and Sculptors Art. All architectural Sculpture and Sculptors art from Red Rag can be delivered throughout the world service normally within a few days of purchase.

To view Animals Sculpture and Sculptors art work of each artist simply click on the artist's name or image. Information about every contemporary painting including size and price is displayed by clicking on the image for each Sculpture and Sculptors art work.

If you would like to buy an animal painting or require further information about Red Rag Sculpture and Sculptors art please contact Red Rag Sculpture and Sculptors Art Gallery

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