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This is the Marine art page from Red Rag British Art Gallery featuring the best in contemporary British art. Throughout the year Red Rag features British art from artists who specialise in creating fine Marine paintings. Today is no exception you will find Red Rag British Art Gallery has an extensive collection of Marine art and paintings by leading contemporary artists.

The sea and marine subjects have inspired many of the great artists of the past. This rich tradition of marine painting continues today and is still a favourite with many British art collectors. The Red Rag British art site contains many marine art pieces featuring the enduring imagery of seascape and marine scenes.

Listings of marine paintings on the Red Rag British Art Gallery website are in alphabetical order by each marine artist. To review information on size, price, availability and type of any contemporary marine painting click on each individual image of art.

All contemporary Marine paintings which are promoted by Red Rag British Art Gallery are sourced from the art studio of each artist. This ensures each Marine painting is a genuine piece of contemporary art from the artist.

To view the Marine art work of each artist simply click on the artists name or image. If you would like to purchase or require further information about marine paintings please contact Red Rag British Art Gallery

Sylvia ANTONSEN Sylvia ANTONSEN - The Zetland
David BARNES David BARNES - North Lleyn
Peter BEESON Peter BEESON - Boat and Shadow - St Ives Harbour
Jo BEMIS Jo BEMIS - Wave Offshore, St Ives
Stephen BROWN RBA Stephen BROWN RBA - The Sailing Club
Richard BUREL Richard BUREL - Seaside
Cyril CROUCHER Cyril CROUCHER - No Stir in the Air
Fred CUMING Fred CUMING - Crescent Moon, Rye Harbour
Richard DACK Richard DACK - Danda of Porthleven
Simon DAVIS RP Simon DAVIS RP - Le Phare
Michael EWART Michael EWART - Moorings at Whitby
Chris FORSEY Chris FORSEY - Harbour Shadows and Sunlight, St Ives
Simon GARDEN Simon GARDEN - Sail Boat
Romeo di GIROLAMO Romeo di GIROLAMO - Lobster Pots
Charles HARDAKER Charles HARDAKER - The Thames at Hammersmith
Peter HEARD Peter HEARD - Wyeth Light Southern Island Maine
Paul HEDLEY Paul HEDLEY - Still Life with Boats
Amanda HOSKIN Amanda HOSKIN - Summer Grasses, Fowey
Ken HOWARD RA Ken HOWARD RA - Cornish Seascape
Nagib KARSAN Nagib KARSAN - Cornish Harbour
Peter KELLY Peter KELLY - Sunlight on the River Crouch
Colin KENT Colin KENT - Riverside Village
Alan KINGSBURY Alan KINGSBURY - Afternoon with Pale Emerald
Karolina LARUSDOTTIR Karolina LARUSDOTTIR - By The Lake
Janet LEDGER Janet LEDGER - Day out with the Girls
John LINES John LINES - Chips and Ships, Felixstowe
Martin LLEWELLYN Martin LLEWELLYN - Welsh Seascape
Vivienne LUXTON Vivienne LUXTON - Fishermen and their Nets
Andrew MACARA Andrew MACARA  - Red Sails, Looe
Jo MARCH Jo MARCH - Fair Winds Cottage
John MARTIN John MARTIN - Morning light sailing club La Flotte
Tina MORGAN Tina MORGAN - Pool by the Rocks, Salcombe
Keith NOBLE Keith NOBLE - Trawler Aberdovey
John PIPER John PIPER - Towards The Lighthouse
Mark PRESTON Mark PRESTON - Foxgloves, Rosemergy
Rex PRESTON Rex PRESTON - Quayside, Newlyn
Paul ROBINSON Paul ROBINSON - The White House by the Sea
William SELBY William SELBY - The Golden Hind, Brixham
Ann SHRAGER Ann SHRAGER - Camel in the Desert
Richard THORN Richard THORN - Evening in Red and Blue
Alan TYERS Alan TYERS - Porlock Weir, Somerset
Robert E WELLS Robert E WELLS - The Embankment Albert Bridge
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Scottish Art - Marine

Irish Art - Marine

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