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Graham Clarke - Ramblers Road Apples

British Contemporary Artist: Graham Clarke

Ramblers Road Apples

All Graham Clarke Limited Edition Prints (etchings) are produced entirely by hand using techniques dating back several hundred years. Graham uses copper plates which have to be shaped, bevelled and polished, then meticulously cleaned with ammonia and whiting. The plate is "grounded" on a hot place using a mixture of bitumen and beeswax and this acid-proof layer is smoked with tapers to darken it before drawing with the needle on the plate.

To etch the initial ''line'' stage of the image, Graham Clark uses "Dutch Mordant" (hydrochloric acid with additions) and usually commits the plate to the acid three or four times, adding or subtracting areas and details as required between each stage. The plate can then be cleaned off and the first proof taken.

The edition is printed by Lawrence Jenkins who for many years printed at The Royal Academy. Following the hand printing, Graham Clarke applies colours that are used on each image or set of plates. The utmost care is taken over a period of several months. As soon as the art work is ready, Graham Clarke signs and numbers each print, usually in batches of 20 or 30, until the edition is complete. The plate can then be "cancelled" in such a way that further printing would be impossible, thus ensuring the limitation of the edition forever

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Graham Clarke

Ramblers Road Apples

Edition: Signed Limited Edition Print of 250
£Sold Out
Type: Print
Size: 50 x 60 cm

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