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New Print artist submissions to Red Rag British Art Gallery

Red Rag is always interested to view new Limited Edition Prints and art prints from both established and upcoming British Artists. To be considered by Red Rag Gallery artists should either: be born in Britain; or currently living in Britain or have trained at a British art school.

Print artists with art prints in the house style of the gallery work who wish to be considered should carefully read the guidelines below before applying. These guidelines are intended to be helpful pointers to be used by artists interested in showing art works at Red Rag British Art Gallery or with other commercial art galleries. Over 500 applications are received each year from which only a few are selected. So please do not be disappointed if Red Rag decides not to represent your prints.

Limited Edition Prints from British artist Andrew Macara

Print artist guidelines

1. Make sure you have clear digital images of your art prints. Images should be crisp and not blurred. It is usually best to take photographs of limited edition prints and art prints without a flash. Prints should be carefully placed and photographed directly from the front or overhead to prevent creating a distorted image. For added clarity some print artists use a camera tripod to photograph their prints.

2. It takes time to produce good art prints, so make sure it is presented well and professionally photographed. Send medium (not large - they take too long to receive and load) size digital images of art prints.

3. Do not submit a large number of images. Limit the number of images you send of your art prints to around six images. Many British artists make the mistake of sending too many images of various styles. The majority of gallery people prefer an artist to focus on particular styles or themes.

4. Along with the images send a CV briefly highlighting any art awards you have received and British art venues where your art has been exhibited. Highlight any other art exhibitions or shows where your art works are being shown over the next few months.

5. British artists interested in having their art prints represented at Red Rag should use the following link to email the gallery. Artists should note that Red Rag look for British artists who are committed to promoting their art works solely through art galleries. Artists with their own websites which are designed to sell art work directly or that provide direct contact details will not be considered.

6. Before submitting images of art prints, please look carefully at the limited edition prints currently shown at Red Rag. Please carefully consider whether or not your own prints would hang comfortably alongside those of our existing print artists.

7. Because of the huge volume of applications received each year print submissions are only accepted by Red Rag in digital format by email. Please do not submit work either by post or in person

Limited Edition Prints from British artist Stephen Brown

Red Rag Gallery - British art and artists



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