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British Artist:

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British Artist Peter FOYLE - Light on Café, Arles
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Dappled Light, St Remy British Artist Peter FOYLE - Café, Arles
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Ochre Buildings, Aix British Artist Peter FOYLE - Al Fresco, Florian's
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Le Grillon, Aix British Artist Peter FOYLE - Enjoying the Sun, St Remy
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Shaded Corner, Aix British Artist Peter FOYLE - Galerie, St Remy
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Market Day, Uzes British Artist Peter FOYLE - Mid-Morning, Uzes
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Wednesday Market, Uzes British Artist Peter FOYLE - Shopping for Lunch, Provence
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Place des Herbes, Uzes British Artist Peter FOYLE - L'Oustal, Uzes
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Vineyard near Uzes British Artist Peter FOYLE - Poppies, Provence
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Bistro, St Remy British Artist Peter FOYLE - San Marco Morning
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Cafes and Markets, Aix British Artist Peter FOYLE - Early Evening, Lucca
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Dappled Light, Provence

British Artist:

Archived Work

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British Artist Peter FOYLE - Blue Parasols, Aix en Provence
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Terroirs, Uzes British Artist Peter FOYLE - Under the Plane Trees, Provence
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Venetian Palazzo British Artist Peter FOYLE - From the Rialto Bridge
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Courtyard Shadows, Lussan British Artist Peter FOYLE - Les Terroirs, Uzes
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Café Ernest, Uzes British Artist Peter FOYLE - Courtyard, Aix
British Artist Peter FOYLE - Place Hotel de Ville, Aix British Artist Peter FOYLE - Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, Lucca



Art by Peter FOYLE

Cafes and Markets, Aix
Peter FOYLE - Cafes and Markets, Aix

British Art and Artists at Red Rag Gallery
Artist: Peter FOYLE

British Artist Peter Foyle started his painting and art career young and left school with recognition through, awards, sales and art commissions. Initially driven by his innate creative talent and curiosity for interesting and varying painting subject, he would head out of his own accord into the country lanes of Dorset to find inspiration for his art. These elemental skills were later honed at St. Martin's School of Art in London, from which he graduated in 1986.

Flexing his creative ability over the next 14 years, working as a freelance british artist, Peter Foyle eventually settled with his wife up in Ayrshire, Scotland. It is here where his love for Scottish landscape painting and Scottish cityscape painting grew and still provides an abundance of inspiration for his paintings today, among his travels and trips abroad.

Peter Foyle paints loosely, providing a fresh take on familiar subject matter and placing him firmly in the modern art sphere. Mark making with expertise and speed he's able to effortlessly capture light and shadow, giving an impression of the content whilst drawing the viewer into the true ambience and atmosphere of the painting. Much in the same way that light distorts upon refraction to reveal the spectrum of colours, Peter Foyle's landscapes, cityscapes and still life paintings alike, are a myriad of pigments and broken brush strokes, to construct that same hazy reflection seen when light bounces from a surface.

Whether it be found upon the smooth surface of a fruit's skin, the still waters of a Venice canal or a well trodden pavement outside a cafe in Provence, Peter Foyle is able to capture the varying, shimmering, dappled glow of sunlight, remarkably. With such a focus on capturing light, one could argue that the actual subject of Peter Foyle's paintings is light itself.

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