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British Contemporary Artist: Martin Caulkin

Painting: The Distant Sea

This Martin Caulkin watercolour has a timeless, almost surreal quality about it. A lone fishing boat apparently abandoned on a shore, even the sea seems far away. Only a sea gull perched on the prow of the small rowing boat gives us any real sense of scale or setting. Stones and seaweed are strewn around and appear like shadows highlighting the presence of the boat on the sands.

The Independent newspaper in a review of the Royal Academy (RA) Summer Show said "Martin Caulkin is exceptional. He has brilliantly mastered the presentation of incongruous modernity in a timeless landscape."

Everything about ''The Distant Sea'' seems timeless and still. Caulkin''s careful rendering of the slats of wood on the rowing boat, it''s lines still elegant and white contrast with the old winch wheel beside it.

In addition to Red Rag British Art Gallery, Martin Caulkin paintings have been exhibited at Oxfordshire Art Galleries, Worcestershire Art Galleries and Herefordshire Art Galleries.

Each painting is sourced from the Martin Caulkin artist studio and like all our British art and Contemporary art it can be shipped worldwide.

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The Distant Sea

Price: £1,495
Type: Watercolour
Size: 21 x 14 inches
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