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Right now we are waiting for new Stuart ANDERSON Home and Interiors Sculpture to arrive at the gallery. In the meantime, here is a wider selection of the artist's work featured at the Red Rag Sculpture and Sculptors Gallery.

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Sculpture and Sculptors Artist Stuart ANDERSON - Resting Greyground (Edition 2/9)
Sculpture and Sculptors Artist Stuart ANDERSON - Rolling Greyhound-Lurcher  8/15 Sculpture and Sculptors Artist Stuart ANDERSON - Lying Greyhound   - 13/25
Sculpture and Sculptors Artist Stuart ANDERSON - Sitting Greyhound-Lurcher - 7/15 Sculpture and Sculptors Artist Stuart ANDERSON - Lying Greyhound/Lurcher
Sculpture and Sculptors Artist Stuart ANDERSON - Greyhound, Head Turned



Sculpture by Stuart ANDERSON

Rolling Greyhound-Lurcher 8/15
Stuart ANDERSON - Rolling Greyhound-Lurcher  8/15

Sculpture and Sculptors at Red Rag
Artist: Stuart ANDERSON

British Art: Contemporary Sculptures by Stuart Anderson

Sculptor Stuart Anderson was born in Rochester, Kent and always wanted to be a sculptor. He initially learnt about bronze casting in his teens, whilst still at school, by casting sculptures in lead melted down in a saucepan on his mother's stove. He built his first bronze-casting furnace in his parents back garden in 1991 - a skill taught to him by Tissa Ranasinghe the Master Founder at the Royal College of Art Kensington.

Stuart Anderson studied Sculpture at Winchester School of Art and Bronze Casting obtaining a BA (Hons) in Sculpture. He then undertook a post graduate in Bronze Casting/Sculpture at the Royal College of Art

Stuart Anderson concentrates on sculptures of animals and the human figure. He models in clay or wax and cast his own bronzes using the lost wax process. He usually models in clay or wax with the subject in front of him, and casts the sculptures in bronze himself using the 'lost wax' method. He seeks to convey the vitality of the living body in strong sculptural forms. Anderson's sculptures strike just the right balance between selective detail and grace and elegance of form.

Stuart Anderson displays exceptional talent as a sculptor of animals, whether the sculptures are on a small scale or life-size. He captures accurately their physical appearance as well as their character and vitality. The natural and easy appearance of the animals, and their unforced poses, are testament to the sculptor's affinity with his subject and his care and understanding. There is always a feeling of acceptance and calm, and you sense a delicate balance between the beauty of the animal and its discipline, alertness and contained energy. Comparison of his sculptures of horses, greyhounds and whippets reveal not only his ability to express the distinctive character of each animal, but even the personality of the particular animal he modeled.

Stuart Anderson casts his own sculptures as he feels it is an integral part of the creative process. Speaking about his sculptures Anderson says: 'I work from life where possible, with the model, animal or human in front of me, preferring natural, unforced and sometimes quickly observed poses, which always say more about the model (character and physical nature). I try to convey the vitality of the living body, to explore and learn about the anatomy and to make strong sculptural forms.'

Red Rag Gallery is one of the leading UK art galleries for British Art with a great selection of Sculptures for home and garden.

All contemporary and traditional sculpture art from Red Rag is sourced from living British Sculptor Artists. The sculpture gallery aims to offer both interesting and collectible sculptures from the best of today's British sculptors.

The art gallery includes British sculpture from sculptors with International reputations plus contemporary sculpture art from emerging sculptor artists.

Red Rag has a growing selection of home and office sculpture. This includes traditional small bronze figures and more contemporary bronzes. Sculpture subjects vary enormously from sculptures of hares, horses and ballet dancers to abstract sculptures. All sculptures from Red Rag are sourced from the studio of each sculptor artist.

Sculptures available at Red Rag are created from a variety of materials. Precious metals include bronzes and silver. There are also bronze resin sculptures always available. As well as bronze sculpture the gallery includes the art works of sculptors who use glass, stoneware and wood for their sculptures.

For those who want a specific sculpture for their home or the office Red Rag are also able to offer a commissioning service from a number of the gallery sculptors.

To view the sculpture art selection for each sculptor artist click on the sculpture image.

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