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Right now we are waiting for new Chris BUCK Home and Interiors Sculpture to arrive at the gallery. In the meantime, here is a wider selection of the artist's work featured at the Red Rag Sculpture and Sculptors Gallery.




Sculpture by Chris BUCK

Of a Deep Blue Dream
Chris BUCK - Of a Deep Blue Dream

Sculpture and Sculptors at Red Rag
Artist: Chris BUCK

Chris Buck was born in Slough in 1956. He studied at Redruth School of Art in Cornwall.

The son of a toolmaker, Chris Buck, spent several years working in various foundries. This hands on experience enabled Chris to gain a thorough knowledge of casting techniques and general metal processes.

Chris Buck is inspired by the St Ives sculptors and in particular artists Dame Barbara Hepworth and Denis Mitchell and their abstract sculpture pieces. Creating modern sculpture in both wood and stone, it is in bronze that Chris finds the greatest satisfaction, combining natural forms and industrial precision to achieve individual pieces of strength and beauty.

Chris Buck works in his studio which is in a converted byre, overlooking fields and hedgerows. This Cornish idyll brings a feeling of harmony with the natural world to his art. Typically his inspiration may be in found objects, natural and man-made, or the open countyside surrounding his studio. However, it is in the industrial precision that Chris brings to the highly finished bronzes that is so memorable.

Talking about his sculptures Chris Bucks says:" Most of the sculpture I produce is pure abstract and sand cast in bronze. Generally I am able to visualise the finished piece the moment I start working with what will eventually become the pattern. For me the evolution of a sculpture is an organic process and there is no planning or drawing. As soon as the casting arrives from the foundry, I work through all the finishing processes, grinding, filing, texturing, patinating, polishing and finally mounting. This usually takes several days and during this time I play with ideas for the next sculpture piece. It still gives me a real thrill and sense of achievement to have a finished sculpture in front of me. To finally see the contrast between the polished surfaces and textured patinated areas, this combined with the challenge of producing a balanced piece, is to me what it's all about."

In addition to Red Rag Art Gallery Chris Buck has exhibited at other leading British Art Galleries. Each sculpture at Red Rag is sourced from the Chris Buck artist studio and like all Red Rag British sculptures can be shipped worldwide.

Red Rag Gallery is one of the leading UK art galleries for British Art with a great selection of Sculptures for home and garden.

All contemporary and traditional sculpture art from Red Rag is sourced from living British Sculptor Artists. The sculpture gallery aims to offer both interesting and collectible sculptures from the best of today's British sculptors.

The art gallery includes British sculpture from sculptors with International reputations plus contemporary sculpture art from emerging sculptor artists.

Red Rag has a growing selection of home and office sculpture. This includes traditional small bronze figures and more contemporary bronzes. Sculpture subjects vary enormously from sculptures of hares, horses and ballet dancers to abstract sculptures. All sculptures from Red Rag are sourced from the studio of each sculptor artist.

Sculptures available at Red Rag are created from a variety of materials. Precious metals include bronzes and silver. There are also bronze resin sculptures always available. As well as bronze sculpture the gallery includes the art works of sculptors who use glass, stoneware and wood for their sculptures.

For those who want a specific sculpture for their home or the office Red Rag are also able to offer a commissioning service from a number of the gallery sculptors.

To view the sculpture art selection for each sculptor artist click on the sculpture image.

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or CALL RED RAG NOW on 01451 832563 or outside the UK +44 1451 832563.


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