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Right now we are waiting for new Michael Kidd Marine Limited Edition Prints to arrive at the gallery. In the meantime, here is a wider selection of the artist's work featured at the Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Gallery.

Limited Edition Prints Artist:
Michael Kidd

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Limited Edition Prints Artist Michael Kidd - Portrait of Marylebone
Limited Edition Prints Artist Michael Kidd - New York in 20 Seconds Limited Edition Prints Artist Michael Kidd - Scattered Scorer



Limited Edition Prints by Michael Kidd

New York in 20 Seconds
Michael Kidd - New York in 20 Seconds

Limited Edition Prints and Art Prints at Red Rag
Artist: Michael Kidd

Michael Kidd was born in 1937. He studied at Wimbledon School of Art where he gained a scholarship to the Royal College of Art. On leaving the Royal College he worked as an art director in some of London's leading advertising agencies.

In 1966 Michael Kidd moved to New York to work as a creative director for a London Agencies' New York office. Following his return to the UK he began directing T.V. and Cinema commercials in Europe, America and the UK and undertaking work for British Airways, Coca Cola, Lloyds and Barclays Bank, Ford Motor Company and many more.

From 1981 Michael began painting between shoots, slowly this became more important to him, and friends began to buy his paintings. In 1997 his paintings were noticed by Stanley Harris of the Rona Gallery in Mayfair, he invited Michael to produce a one-man show with a garden theme.

Following the success of Michael's first show he gave up directing to become a full-time painter.

All of Michael Kidd's art work shows a strong imaginative streak, quirky at times, surreal at others. He tends to work on themes - gardens, chateaux, coastal, cities, whatever subject holds his interest. All paintings are acrylic on board.

Michael Kidd says he tends to 'think in terms of numbers'. He is facinated by 'patterns and mathematics, the poetry of the indecipherable'. Kidd's paintings and prints show his characteristic pleasure with what he calls 'playing with different perpectives - giving the illusion of the reality, and keeping it simple'.

All Michael Kidd limited edition prints from Red Rag Art Gallery have been reviewed by the artist. This guarantees that all prints offered by Red Rag satisfy the high quality and fine art standards set by Michael Kidd for prints. Each limited edition print series from the Red Rag British Art Gallery is available for immediate delivery and can be shipped worldwide.

Red Rag also promotes original art works by Michael Kidd. Follow this link to view Michael Kidd original paintings

Limited Edition Prints: Michael Kidd at Red Rag Gallery

This is the Marine art page from Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery featuring the best in contemporary Limited Edition Prints art. Throughout the year Red Rag features Limited Edition Prints art from artists who specialise in creating fine Marine paintings. Today is no exception you will find Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery has an extensive collection of Marine art and paintings by leading contemporary artists.

The sea and marine subjects have inspired many of the great artists of the past. This rich tradition of marine painting continues today and is still a favourite with many Limited Edition Prints art collectors. The Red Rag Limited Edition Prints art site contains many marine art pieces featuring the enduring imagery of seascape and marine scenes.

Listings of marine paintings on the Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery website are in alphabetical order by each marine artist. To review information on size, price, availability and type of any contemporary marine painting click on each individual image of art.

All contemporary Marine paintings which are promoted by Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery are sourced from the art studio of each artist. This ensures each Marine painting is a genuine piece of contemporary art from the artist.

To view the Marine art work of each artist simply click on the artists name or image. If you would like to purchase or require further information about marine paintings please contact Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery

To receive updates on Limited Edition Prints artist Michael Kidd's art and art prints at Red Rag Gallery click here

or CALL RED RAG NOW on 01451 832563 or outside the UK +44 1451 832563.


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