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Limited Edition Prints Artist:
Martin Procter

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Limited Edition Prints Artist Martin Procter - Harbour, Cornwall 5



Marine Limited Edition Prints by Martin Procter

Harbour, Cornwall 5
Martin Procter - Harbour, Cornwall 5

Limited Edition Prints and Art Prints at Red Rag
Artist: Martin Procter

Martin Procter was born in Yorkshire in 1942. He moved to Devon in 1956 and after a career in building and architecture became a full-time artist in 1998. Martin is a self-taught British artist, but did work with the late John Blockley, who exhibited Martin's paintings at what is now the Red Rag Gallery in Stow.

Martin Procter has developed a very distinctive and recognisable art style. Today he is one of the leading British West Country contemporary artists. His paintings and limited edition prints reflects his academic background in human and physical geography and a design base in architecture. Martin's architectural background is evident in his paintings; however his art works predominantly concentrate on landscape, with the emphasis on form and structure.

Martin Procter has travelled extensively. He has built his reputation as a definitive interpreter of man's interaction with the natural landscape in many geographic areas including: the British Isles, Ireland, the American South West, West Indies and cityscapes in London and San Francisco. Wherever Martin Procter paints his is more concerned with atmosphere and sense of place than with conventional representation, he translates sketches made on location to create striking and collectible paintings and limited edition prints.

Martin Procter has participated in numerous solo and joint art exhibitions, and his paintings and limited edition prints are in many private and public art collections. In addition to Red Rag Art Gallery Martin Procter art work and Limited Edition Prints have been exhibited at a number of other British Art Print Galleries. Each limited edition print at Red Rag is sourced from the Martin Procter artist studio and like all Red Rag British art it can be shipped worldwide.

For more information or to buy British art from Martin Procter:

CONTACT RED RAG NOW on 01225 332223 or outside UK + 44 1225 332223

Limited Edition Prints: Martin Procter at Red Rag Gallery

This is the Marine art page from Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery featuring the best in contemporary Limited Edition Prints art. Throughout the year Red Rag features Limited Edition Prints art from artists who specialise in creating fine Marine paintings. Today is no exception you will find Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery has an extensive collection of Marine art and paintings by leading contemporary artists.

The sea and marine subjects have inspired many of the great artists of the past. This rich tradition of marine painting continues today and is still a favourite with many Limited Edition Prints art collectors. The Red Rag Limited Edition Prints art site contains many marine art pieces featuring the enduring imagery of seascape and marine scenes.

Listings of marine paintings on the Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery website are in alphabetical order by each marine artist. To review information on size, price, availability and type of any contemporary marine painting click on each individual image of art.

All contemporary Marine paintings which are promoted by Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery are sourced from the art studio of each artist. This ensures each Marine painting is a genuine piece of contemporary art from the artist.

To view the Marine art work of each artist simply click on the artists name or image. If you would like to purchase or require further information about marine paintings please contact Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery

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or CALL RED RAG NOW on 01451 832563 or outside the UK +44 1451 832563.


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