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Limited Edition Prints Artist:
Lesley McLaren

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Limited Edition Prints Artist Lesley McLaren - Quiet Inlet



Landscape Limited Edition Prints by Lesley McLaren

Quiet Inlet
Lesley McLaren - Quiet Inlet

Limited Edition Prints and Art Prints at Red Rag
Artist: Lesley McLaren

Lesley McLaren - Limited Edition Prints

Lesley McLaren was born in Glasgow in 1959. She attended Exeter College of Art achieving a BA (hons) in painting.

Inspiration for Lesley McLaren contemporary paintings and limited edition prints comes from the Scottish Borders countryside. Lesley endlessly roams the Scottish Borders countryside where she lives, collecting images in her sketch book and on camera. It is always her intention to capture, and then recreate on canvas, the essence and drama of breathtakingly beautiful Scottish Border countryside.

Talking about her art work Lesley says: 'A painting is the showcase for my quiet observations - the blackbird who hops in my studio every day for his lunch, bulky black and white cows meandering up a green hill , whispering silver birches reaching for a black thundery sky. Waiting and watching for a glimpse of drama .... I can for example enjoy an out of body experience whilst absorbing the visual spectacle of pink lichen growing on an old Scots pine.'

Lesley McLaren sometimes finds that her best art work often emerges after days of mistakes, hair pulling, sometimes tears and endless scrubbing out. She says creating art can be torturous and something which is not easily shared, then ... a wee chink of light appears on the canvas as though it had always been there.

All Lesley McLaren limited edition prints from Red Rag Art Gallery have been reviewed by the artist. This guarantees that all prints offered by Red Rag satisfy the high quality and fine art standards set by Lesley McLaren for prints. Each limited edition print series from the Red Rag British Art Gallery is available for immediate delivery and can be shipped worldwide.

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Limited Edition Prints: Lesley McLaren at Red Rag Gallery

You are viewing the Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery art page for contemporary Landscape paintings from the best of today's contemporary artists. At Red Rag Gallery we offer a wide and varied selection of Limited Edition Prints art covering Landscape subjects and vistas. Landscape paintings have held a special place within the Limited Edition Prints art world for many years and we are pleased to represent so many talented artists of this art genre.

The Red Rag website provides a comprehensive listing covering Limited Edition Prints art and Landscape paintings. Each Landscape painting in the Limited Edition Prints art portfolio is displayed with details on size, price and availability.

Many of the paintings featured in this Limited Edition Prints art website were started and completed by each artist within the Landscape being painted. And, all the contemporary Landscape paintings shown here have been supplied from the Limited Edition Prints art studio of each artist. This guarantees the paintings are genuine pieces of contemporary Limited Edition Prints art from the artist.

Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery is open every day for the purchase of Limited Edition Prints Art. Like all Red Rag Limited Edition Prints art purchases each contemporary Landscape painting can be sent throughout the world by our art shipment service

To view the Landscape art work of each artist simply click on the artists name or image. If you would like to purchase or require further information about Red Rag Limited Edition Prints art or landscape paintings please contact Red Rag Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery

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