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Contemporary Art and Paintings By British Contemporary Artists.

Great Outdoors Exhibition - opens 14 October 2018

Contemporary Art, Paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists

Red Rag Gallery specialises in present day British Contemporary Art and holds exhibitions throughout the year. Red Rag is the perfect place for collectors and lovers of fine British contemporary art. The gallery aims to be open and welcoming to all visitors and collectors of contemporary art. Coupled with a comprehensive website Red Rag has established a reputation for encouraging and promoting contemporary art from British artists to a wide audience.

Contemporary art varies enormously. However, the definition of Contemporary Art is simply "art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes." Red Rag is proud to play a small part in the ongoing creation and appreciation of contemporary art. Since 2003 the gallery has continually promoted and supported British art and artists by showing a wide range of contemporary art, paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists. The contemporary art gallery represents British artists of International standing and also promotes contemporary art and art prints from emerging artists. All Contemporary art shown at Red Rag Gallery is sourced from each artist studio

As one of the leading UK contemporary art galleries Red Rag is open every day for contemporary art, paintings, limited edition prints and modern Sculptures from the best of established and young British Artists. Throughout the year Red Rag Contemporary Art Gallery exhibits some outstanding examples of contemporary art, paintings and sculptures from British contemporary artists. Typically these are shown at our regular contemporary art events - for further information please contact the gallery

This month we feature the works of Scottish artist Louis McNally.

Louis McNally was born in 1963 in Inverkip, Scotland. He attended Gray's School of Art between 1986 and 1990 graduating with a BA- Hons.

All paintings are now available to purchase and can be delivered worldwide.


John BELL, contemporary artist - Clouds over Irvine lit by the early morning sun
Clouds over Irvine lit by the early morning sun

John BELL, contemporary artist - North of Dunvegan
North of Dunvegan

John BELL, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Prestwick Beach, Early Morning
Prestwick Beach, Early Morning

John BELL, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Summer Rain Clouds over Barassie
Summer Rain Clouds over Barassie

John BELL, contemporary artist - The Beach at Irvine
The Beach at Irvine

John BELL, contemporary artist - The Maze, Tiree
The Maze, Tiree

John BELL, contemporary artist - Troon North Shore, Winter
Troon North Shore, Winter

John BELL, contemporary artist - White shell sand on North Shore, Troon
White shell sand on North Shore, Troon


Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Bristol Harbour
Bristol Harbour

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Peaceful Harbour
Peaceful Harbour

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Pier at Sunset
Pier at Sunset

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Quinag Mountains
Quinag Mountains

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Stormy Weather, Eastbourne Pier
Stormy Weather, Eastbourne Pier

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Summer at Durdle Door
Summer at Durdle Door

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Towards Beachy Head
Towards Beachy Head

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Vibrant Grasses by the Shore
Vibrant Grasses by the Shore

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Windswept Grasses at North Berwick
Windswept Grasses at North Berwick


Steve CAPPER, contemporary artist - Green Hill
Green Hill

Steve CAPPER, contemporary artist - Heights

Steve CAPPER, contemporary artist - Hill Patterns
Hill Patterns

Steve CAPPER, contemporary artist - Northern Sunset
Northern Sunset

Steve CAPPER, contemporary artist - Orange Heights
Orange Heights

Steve CAPPER, contemporary artist - Rock Face
Rock Face


Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Across the Fields to the Dodman, Cornwall
Across the Fields to the Dodman, Cornwall

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Path Down to the Beach, Daymer Bay
Path Down to the Beach, Daymer Bay

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Silver Light over Start Point
Silver Light over Start Point

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Stunning View towards Start Point
Stunning View towards Start Point

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Summer Flowers watch over Kingswear Castle
Summer Flowers watch over Kingswear Castle

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Tranquil Colours at Daymer Beach
Tranquil Colours at Daymer Beach

Michael KIDD

Michael KIDD, contemporary artist - Cotswold Landscape
Cotswold Landscape

Michael KIDD, contemporary artist - Harvest Time II
Harvest Time II

Michael KIDD, contemporary artist - Red on Dark Breaker
Red on Dark Breaker

Michael KIDD, contemporary artist - Sissinghurst through the Arch
Sissinghurst through the Arch


Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Autumnal City
Autumnal City

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Back To The Future
Back To The Future

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Between The Fields
Between The Fields

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Borderland

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - East Coast Farm
East Coast Farm

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Hill Farm
Hill Farm

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Light Rays
Light Rays

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Nocturnal Farm
Nocturnal Farm

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Out To The Hills
Out To The Hills

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Stream In The Woods
Stream In The Woods

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Summers Walk
Summers Walk

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - The Field
The Field

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Woodland Morayshire
Woodland Morayshire


Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - Belonging (Study)
Belonging (Study)

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - Different Ways
Different Ways

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - Emerging

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - It Goes On (Study)
It Goes On (Study)

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - Outside the Box (Study)
Outside the Box (Study)

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - Revealing the Light
Revealing the Light

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - Shining Through the Veil
Shining Through the Veil

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - So Near (So Far)
So Near (So Far)

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - The Direction
The Direction

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - The Walk Before Dark (Study)
The Walk Before Dark (Study)

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - There is a Way
There is a Way

Steven OUTRAM, contemporary artist - Watching the Moon (Study)
Watching the Moon (Study)


Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Autumn Wastwater
Autumn Wastwater

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Blue Reflections, Wastwater
Blue Reflections, Wastwater

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Grasses and Harebells
Grasses and Harebells

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Seastock, Braunton Burrows
Seastock, Braunton Burrows

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - September Hues
September Hues

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Summer Evening, Ednaston
Summer Evening, Ednaston

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Summer Reflections, Dovedale
Summer Reflections, Dovedale

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Sunlit Pools, Borrowdale
Sunlit Pools, Borrowdale

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