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Contemporary Art and Paintings By British Contemporary Artists.

Scottish Exhibition - opens 24 July 2016

Contemporary Art, Paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists

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Red Rag Gallery specialises in Modern British and Contemporary British Art and holds exhibitions throughout the year. Red Rag is the perfect place for collectors and lovers of fine British contemporary art. The gallery aims to be open and welcoming to all visitors and collectors of contemporary art. Coupled with a comprehensive website Red Rag has established a reputation for encouraging and promoting contemporary art from British artists to a wide audience.

Contemporary art varies enormously. However, the definition of Contemporary Art is simply "art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes." Red Rag is proud to play a small part in the ongoing creation and appreciation of contemporary art. Since 2003 the gallery has continually promoted and supported British art and artists by showing a wide range of contemporary art, paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists. The contemporary art gallery represents British artists of International standing and also promotes contemporary art and art prints from emerging artists. All Contemporary art shown at Red Rag Gallery is sourced from each artist studio

As one of the leading UK contemporary art galleries Red Rag is open every day for contemporary art, paintings, limited edition prints and modern Sculptures from the best of established and young British Artists. Throughout the year Red Rag Contemporary Art Gallery exhibits some outstanding examples of contemporary art, paintings and sculptures from British contemporary artists. Typically these are shown at our regular contemporary art events - for further information please contact the gallery

Starting Sunday 24 July there is a mixed exhibition of Scottish art.

The show will be open until the beginning of September. This is a buy and go show, so all works in the event can be bought and then taken away at the time. Alternatively we are always happy to arrange delivery.


John BELL, contemporary artist - Clouds over Irvine lit by the early morning sun
Clouds over Irvine lit by the early morning sun

John BELL, contemporary artist - Late Evening, North Shore, Troon
Late Evening, North Shore, Troon

John BELL, contemporary artist - Prestwick Beach, Early Morning
Prestwick Beach, Early Morning

John BELL, contemporary artist - White shell sand on North Shore, Troon
White shell sand on North Shore, Troon

John BELL, contemporary artist - Wild Flowers at Barassie Shore
Wild Flowers at Barassie Shore


George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Boats and Sheds
Boats and Sheds

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Departure

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Fishboxes II
Fishboxes II

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Green Shed Doors
Green Shed Doors

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Harbour Moon
Harbour Moon


Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - A Touch of Light
A Touch of Light

Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - Farm Clusters, Gigha
Farm Clusters, Gigha

Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - Home Before Sundown
Home Before Sundown

Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Loch Bay Sundown
Loch Bay Sundown

Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - Long Beach, Luskentyre
Long Beach, Luskentyre

Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - On the Rocks
On the Rocks

Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - Stream to Rum
Stream to Rum

Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - Summer Steading
Summer Steading

Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - The Ladys Hens
The Ladys Hens

Pam CARTER, contemporary artist - To Digg, Skye
To Digg, Skye


Frank COLCLOUGH, contemporary artist - Composition with Dragonfly Vase
Composition with Dragonfly Vase

Frank COLCLOUGH, contemporary artist - Fratilary Study
Fratilary Study

Frank COLCLOUGH, contemporary artist - Moorings, Crinan
Moorings, Crinan

Frank COLCLOUGH, contemporary artist - Sweetpea Study
Sweetpea Study


Deborah CUMMING, contemporary artist - Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom

Deborah CUMMING, contemporary artist - Green Cymbidium
Green Cymbidium

Deborah CUMMING, contemporary artist - Honesty


Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Dog-Eared

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Frost

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Honesty

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Icy

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Introspective

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Maddie

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Points of View
Points of View

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Read the Fine Print
Read the Fine Print

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Sensibility

Denise FINDLAY, contemporary artist - Suited and Booted
Suited and Booted


Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - East Coast Shoreline
East Coast Shoreline

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Moonlight over West Haven
Moonlight over West Haven

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Skye, Autumn
Skye, Autumn

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Summer Sky East Neuk, Fife
Summer Sky East Neuk, Fife

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Venetian Bridge and Gondolas
Venetian Bridge and Gondolas

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Venice

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - West Haven Fishing Nets
West Haven Fishing Nets


Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - A Glance Behind
A Glance Behind

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Best of Breed
Best of Breed

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Educating Rita
Educating Rita

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Eve's Apple
Eve's Apple

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - In the Picture
In the Picture

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Laid Back
Laid Back

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Party Trick
Party Trick

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - The Apple of his Eye
The Apple of his Eye

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - The Pregnant Pause
The Pregnant Pause


Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Ca da Mosto
Ca da Mosto

Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Fish and  Chips
Fish and Chips

Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Fruit Bowl and Jug
Fruit Bowl and Jug

Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Green Jug
Green Jug

Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Poppies

Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Seafood Lunch
Seafood Lunch

Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Twigs, Sprigs and Flowers
Twigs, Sprigs and Flowers

Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Vino

Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers

Simon LAURIE  RGI, contemporary artist - Wine and Fruit
Wine and Fruit

Archie Dunbar McINTOSH

Archie Dunbar McINTOSH, contemporary artist - Early Snow - Loch Long
Early Snow - Loch Long

Archie Dunbar McINTOSH, contemporary artist - Spring Fields
Spring Fields

Archie Dunbar McINTOSH, contemporary artist - Winter Haven
Winter Haven


Sophie McKAY-KNIGHT, contemporary artist - Anteros

Sophie McKAY-KNIGHT, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Diffracted Garden
Diffracted Garden

Sophie McKAY-KNIGHT, contemporary artist - Eros

Sophie McKAY-KNIGHT, contemporary artist - Flying Boys
Flying Boys

Sophie McKAY-KNIGHT, contemporary artist - Thistle King
Thistle King

Sophie McKAY-KNIGHT, contemporary artist - Thistle Queenies
Thistle Queenies


Rory McLAUCHLAN , contemporary artist - Still Life with Dwarf Orchids and Legumes
Still Life with Dwarf Orchids and Legumes

Rory McLAUCHLAN , contemporary artist - Still Life with French Coffee Grinder
Still Life with French Coffee Grinder

Rory McLAUCHLAN , contemporary artist - Still Life with Polkadot Tea Cup
Still Life with Polkadot Tea Cup

Rory McLAUCHLAN , contemporary artist - Still Life with Sweetpeas and Pumpkin
Still Life with Sweetpeas and Pumpkin

Rory McLAUCHLAN , contemporary artist - Sunset with Low Tide, Plockton
Sunset with Low Tide, Plockton


Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - All Grown Up
All Grown Up

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Autumn

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Fallen

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - In a Row
In a Row

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Lomond Noir
Lomond Noir

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Old Farm Yard
Old Farm Yard

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Snowscene

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - The Path
The Path


David SMITH, contemporary artist - Sanda

David SMITH, contemporary artist - Scots Pines, Glenmore
Scots Pines, Glenmore

David SMITH, contemporary artist - Shingle Beach, Harris
Shingle Beach, Harris

David SMITH, contemporary artist - Twilight, Harris
Twilight, Harris

David SMITH, contemporary artist - White Sands, Harris
White Sands, Harris

David SMITH, contemporary artist - Winter Bothy and Pines
Winter Bothy and Pines

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