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Contemporary Art and Paintings By British Contemporary Artists.

Gardeners' World - opens 29 May 2016

Contemporary Art, Paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists

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Red Rag Gallery specialises in Modern British and Contemporary British Art and holds exhibitions throughout the year. Red Rag is the perfect place for collectors and lovers of fine British contemporary art. The gallery aims to be open and welcoming to all visitors and collectors of contemporary art. Coupled with a comprehensive website Red Rag has established a reputation for encouraging and promoting contemporary art from British artists to a wide audience.

Contemporary art varies enormously. However, the definition of Contemporary Art is simply "art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes." Red Rag is proud to play a small part in the ongoing creation and appreciation of contemporary art. Since 2003 the gallery has continually promoted and supported British art and artists by showing a wide range of contemporary art, paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists. The contemporary art gallery represents British artists of International standing and also promotes contemporary art and art prints from emerging artists. All Contemporary art shown at Red Rag Gallery is sourced from each artist studio

As one of the leading UK contemporary art galleries Red Rag is open every day for contemporary art, paintings, limited edition prints and modern Sculptures from the best of established and young British Artists. Throughout the year Red Rag Contemporary Art Gallery exhibits some outstanding examples of contemporary art, paintings and sculptures from British contemporary artists. Typically these are shown at our regular contemporary art events - for further information please contact the gallery

During March the gallery in Stow is showing works from Scottish artist Tom Watt. Tom has always been fascinated by the effect of light and colour on his surroundings. His subjects have included the small fishing villages of Fife, the canals of Venice and the Tuscan and Gascon countryside. The latest paintings in the gallery feature warm dappled sunlight captured in rural France.

The show will be open until the beginning of April. This is a buy and go show, so all works in the event can be bought and then taken away at the time. Alternatively we are always happy to arrange delivery.


Lisa GRAA JENSEN, contemporary artist - Blue Sky Thinking
Blue Sky Thinking

Lisa GRAA JENSEN, contemporary artist - Cliffhanger

Lisa GRAA JENSEN, contemporary artist - Companion Gardeners
Companion Gardeners

Lisa GRAA JENSEN, contemporary artist - Dawn Patrol
Dawn Patrol

Lisa GRAA JENSEN, contemporary artist - <span style='color:yellow;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Honeysuckle

Lisa GRAA JENSEN, contemporary artist - Mr Fox's Garden
Mr Fox's Garden

Lisa GRAA JENSEN, contemporary artist - Smallholding

Lisa GRAA JENSEN, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Spring Greens
Spring Greens

Lisa GRAA JENSEN, contemporary artist - Veggie Patch
Veggie Patch


John LINES, contemporary artist - Advice from Above
Advice from Above

John LINES, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Dahlia Delivery
Dahlia Delivery

John LINES, contemporary artist - First Sign
First Sign

John LINES, contemporary artist - Getting Started
Getting Started

John LINES, contemporary artist - High Summer
High Summer

John LINES, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Home Transport
Home Transport

John LINES, contemporary artist - Last of the Arran Pilots
Last of the Arran Pilots

John LINES, contemporary artist - Pollys Potting Shed
Pollys Potting Shed

John LINES, contemporary artist - Poppy Time
Poppy Time

John LINES, contemporary artist - Rest Period
Rest Period

John LINES, contemporary artist - Returning Rhubarb
Returning Rhubarb

John LINES, contemporary artist - Sunday Brussels
Sunday Brussels

John LINES, contemporary artist - Sunflower Surprise
Sunflower Surprise

John LINES, contemporary artist - Technological Moment
Technological Moment

Vivienne LUXTON

Vivienne LUXTON, contemporary artist - Bonfire Garden Party
Bonfire Garden Party

Vivienne LUXTON, contemporary artist - Cottage Garden Neighbours
Cottage Garden Neighbours

Vivienne LUXTON, contemporary artist - In the Walled Garden
In the Walled Garden

Vivienne LUXTON, contemporary artist - Meeting in the Frosty Garden
Meeting in the Frosty Garden

Vivienne LUXTON, contemporary artist - Planting a Tree
Planting a Tree

Vivienne LUXTON, contemporary artist - Swan Sanctuary
Swan Sanctuary

Vivienne LUXTON, contemporary artist - The Walled Garden
The Walled Garden


Annie OVENDEN, contemporary artist - Allotment Garden
Allotment Garden

Annie OVENDEN, contemporary artist - Sketching The Allotment
Sketching The Allotment

Annie OVENDEN, contemporary artist - The Rusty Wheelbarrow at the Allotment
The Rusty Wheelbarrow at the Allotment

Annie OVENDEN, contemporary artist - Working On The Allotment
Working On The Allotment


Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - Allotment Sunflowers
Allotment Sunflowers

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - Cottage Garden
Cottage Garden

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Grabbing An Hour
Grabbing An Hour

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - The Chair Thief
The Chair Thief

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - Treasured Plots
Treasured Plots

Richard THORN

Richard THORN, contemporary artist - Morning in the Allotment
Morning in the Allotment

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