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Contemporary Art and Paintings By British Contemporary Artists.

Touched by the Tide - opens 31 October 2020

Contemporary Art, Paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists

Red Rag Gallery specialises in present day British Contemporary Art and holds exhibitions throughout the year. Red Rag is the perfect place for collectors and lovers of fine British contemporary art. The gallery aims to be open and welcoming to all visitors and collectors of contemporary art. Coupled with a comprehensive website Red Rag has established a reputation for encouraging and promoting contemporary art from British artists to a wide audience.

Contemporary art varies enormously. However, the definition of Contemporary Art is simply "art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes." Red Rag is proud to play a small part in the ongoing creation and appreciation of contemporary art. Since 2003 the gallery has continually promoted and supported British art and artists by showing a wide range of contemporary art, paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists. The contemporary art gallery represents British artists of International standing and also promotes contemporary art and art prints from emerging artists. All Contemporary art shown at Red Rag Gallery is sourced from each artist studio

As one of the leading UK contemporary art galleries Red Rag is open every day for contemporary art, paintings, limited edition prints and modern Sculptures from the best of established and young British Artists. Throughout the year Red Rag Contemporary Art Gallery exhibits some outstanding examples of contemporary art, paintings and sculptures from British contemporary artists. Typically these are shown at our regular contemporary art events - for further information please contact the gallery

Our latest art promotion is a mixed show featuring the contemporary paintings from some of our regular artists.


George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Evening Haven
Evening Haven

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - Lobster Pots
Lobster Pots

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - The Boat Jetty
The Boat Jetty

George BIRRELL, contemporary artist - The Church Clock
The Church Clock


Garry BRANDER, contemporary artist - Beach Cove
Beach Cove

Garry BRANDER, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Charms of Skye
Charms of Skye

Garry BRANDER, contemporary artist - Coast Glens
Coast Glens

Garry BRANDER, contemporary artist - Island Valleys
Island Valleys

Garry BRANDER, contemporary artist - Spring Heathers
Spring Heathers


Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Arran Poppies and Clyde Puffer
Arran Poppies and Clyde Puffer

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Evening Approaches, Isle of Lewis
Evening Approaches, Isle of Lewis

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Spring Sunset, Islay
Spring Sunset, Islay

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Summer Cloud over Loch Ewe
Summer Cloud over Loch Ewe

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Summer Sky over Scalpay
Summer Sky over Scalpay

Jean FEENEY, contemporary artist - Sunset over Kintyre
Sunset over Kintyre


Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Broken Clouds with Moonlight, West Coast
Broken Clouds with Moonlight, West Coast

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Creels, Anstruther
Creels, Anstruther

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - High Tide, Auchmithie
High Tide, Auchmithie

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Maelstrom, West Haven
Maelstrom, West Haven

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Midsummer, Auchmithie
Midsummer, Auchmithie

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Moonlight over Ullapool
Moonlight over Ullapool

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Red Boat, Arbroath
Red Boat, Arbroath

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Scottish Fishing Village - Lunan Bay
Scottish Fishing Village - Lunan Bay

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Summer Breeze over St Andrews
Summer Breeze over St Andrews

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - Tide Turning, East Haven
Tide Turning, East Haven

Nael HANNA, contemporary artist - West Haven, East Coast Scotland
West Haven, East Coast Scotland


Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> A Prussian Blue Night, Fowey
A Prussian Blue Night, Fowey

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Rock Pooling at Polridmouth Cove, near Fowey
Rock Pooling at Polridmouth Cove, near Fowey

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Still Waters at Penberth Cove
Still Waters at Penberth Cove

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Summer Memories, Looking towards Start Point
Summer Memories, Looking towards Start Point

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Time and Tide, Porthminster Beach, St Ives
Time and Tide, Porthminster Beach, St Ives

Amanda HOSKIN, contemporary artist - Wildflowers Adorn a Cornish Hedge
Wildflowers Adorn a Cornish Hedge


Martin LLEWELLYN, contemporary artist - Autumn Stream, Fairy Glen
Autumn Stream, Fairy Glen

Martin LLEWELLYN, contemporary artist - Ogwen Valley
Ogwen Valley

Martin LLEWELLYN, contemporary artist - Snowdon, Lliwedd and Crib Goch
Snowdon, Lliwedd and Crib Goch

Martin LLEWELLYN, contemporary artist - South Stack Cliffs
South Stack Cliffs

Martin LLEWELLYN, contemporary artist - Winter Glencoe
Winter Glencoe

Martin LLEWELLYN, contemporary artist - Winter, Llanberis
Winter, Llanberis


Andrew MACARA , contemporary artist - New Quay Harbour, Wales
New Quay Harbour, Wales

Andrew MACARA , contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Red, White and Blue, Salcombe
Red, White and Blue, Salcombe

Andrew MACARA , contemporary artist - Start of the Race, Salcombe
Start of the Race, Salcombe

Andrew MACARA , contemporary artist - The Splash, Bude Sea Pool
The Splash, Bude Sea Pool


Peter MORGAN, contemporary artist - Blue Stone
Blue Stone

Peter MORGAN, contemporary artist - Cadgwith

Peter MORGAN, contemporary artist - Coverack

Peter MORGAN, contemporary artist - Padstow Harbour
Padstow Harbour

Peter MORGAN, contemporary artist - Polperro

Peter MORGAN, contemporary artist - Robin Hood Bay
Robin Hood Bay

Peter MORGAN, contemporary artist - The Good Old Cottage
The Good Old Cottage


Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Casting Off
Casting Off

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - New Season
New Season

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Valerian

Louis S McNALLY, contemporary artist - Waiting


Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Breaking Waves, Portmeor Beach
Breaking Waves, Portmeor Beach

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Cornish Palms, Vellandreath
Cornish Palms, Vellandreath

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Evening Light, Marazion
Evening Light, Marazion

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - February Light, Priest's Cove
February Light, Priest's Cove

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Hawthorns on the Road to Portheras
Hawthorns on the Road to Portheras

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Low Tide, Porthmeor Beach
Low Tide, Porthmeor Beach

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Morning Light, Veor Cove
Morning Light, Veor Cove

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Path Through the Dunes
Path Through the Dunes

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Spring Evening, Treen Cliffs
Spring Evening, Treen Cliffs

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Sunlit Fuchsia, towards Newlyn
Sunlit Fuchsia, towards Newlyn

Mark PRESTON, contemporary artist - Thrift, Portheras
Thrift, Portheras

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