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British Artist:
Vivienne LUXTON

Art For Sale

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British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - The Cook. The Chef. The Thief and his Lover
British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Cleaning the Nets                  British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Buying Fish, Aldeburgh Beach
British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Bringing in the Lobster Pots  British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Gathering Samphire
British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Mermaid Mother British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Bringing in the Fish
British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Sailor's Hornpipe

British Artist:
Vivienne LUXTON

Archived Work

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British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Meeting in the Frosty Garden
British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - In the Walled Garden British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Bringing in the Sheep
British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Fishermen Chat                     British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Lunch Break for the Hay Makers
British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - The Walled Garden British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Swan Sanctuary
British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - With Pets in the Blue Garden British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Cottage Garden Neighbours
British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Planting a Tree British Artist Vivienne LUXTON - Chefs make Merry



Art by Vivienne LUXTON

Bringing in the Fish
Vivienne LUXTON - Bringing in the Fish

British Art and Artists at Red Rag Gallery
Artist: Vivienne LUXTON

Vivienne Luxton was born in India in 1942. She studied at St Martin's School of Art in London and did her post-grad at the RCA School of film & TV gaining an MA in 1966. She then spent some years in the film industry before moving to Gloucestershire where she taught art for 17 years.

In 1992 Vivienne Luxton moved to live on a farm in Wales.The farming community often features in her art work. She likes to produce paintings of people in all walks of life, at work or at leisure, and there is often humour in her subjects. Inspiration for her paintings are both from the imagination and from first hand experience. As a the wife of a Farmer, Vivienne has had many opportunities to observe and sketch farmers and animals on the farm. She is also a keen observer of market scenes many of which feature in her country-focused paintings.

Vivienne's ink and watercolour paintings reflect her observations of country interactions, while her work paintings in acrylics demonstrates her love of colour.Her art work is in both private and public art collections in the UK and abroad.

In addition to Red Rag art gallery Vivienne Luxton art work has been exhibited at other leading British Art Galleries including the Royal Academy and at the Royal West of England Academy. Each painting at Red Rag is sourced from the Vivienne Luxton artist studio and like all Red Rag British art and Contemporary art it can be shipped worldwide.

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