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British Artist:

Art For Sale

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British Artist Endre RODER - Trying the Hat
British Artist Endre RODER - Wild Flowers British Artist Endre RODER - Katie
British Artist Endre RODER - Boat and Ball British Artist Endre RODER - Islander
British Artist Endre RODER - Gianina British Artist Endre RODER - Jocasta
British Artist Endre RODER - The Headdress British Artist Endre RODER - Manet's Cat
British Artist Endre RODER - The Goldfish British Artist Endre RODER - The Gift
British Artist Endre RODER - Constanta British Artist Endre RODER - Katrina
British Artist Endre RODER - Fete British Artist Endre RODER - Ceremony
British Artist Endre RODER - The Captain's Daughters British Artist Endre RODER - Sophia
British Artist Endre RODER - Masimo British Artist Endre RODER - Model and Portrait
British Artist Endre RODER - Portrait with Flowers and Necklace British Artist Endre RODER - Blonde Italian
British Artist Endre RODER - Ritual Dancers British Artist Endre RODER - Painted Moon
British Artist Endre RODER - Looking Glass British Artist Endre RODER - Christina
British Artist Endre RODER - Still Life with Painting British Artist Endre RODER - We all Know
British Artist Endre RODER - Two Flowers and an Apple British Artist Endre RODER - Three Beauty Spots
British Artist Endre RODER - Descending Moon British Artist Endre RODER - Four Beauty Spots
British Artist Endre RODER - Sofonisba British Artist Endre RODER - Portrait
British Artist Endre RODER - Spirenza

British Artist:

Archived Work

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British Artist Endre RODER - Kitty
British Artist Endre RODER - Apples and Pears British Artist Endre RODER - Two Yellow Vases
British Artist Endre RODER - Friends British Artist Endre RODER - Pretty Figurehead Model
British Artist Endre RODER - Japanese British Artist Endre RODER - Julia
British Artist Endre RODER - Katrine and Katie British Artist Endre RODER - Bouquet
British Artist Endre RODER - Two Vases British Artist Endre RODER - Decoy Duck



Art by Endre RODER

Looking Glass
Endre RODER - Looking Glass

British Art and Artists at Red Rag Gallery
Artist: Endre RODER

Endre Roder was born in Budapest in 1933. Spending much of his childhood in Malta he moved to the UK in 1949.

After completing his secondary education at St John’s College in Portsmouth Endre completed his National Service in the army, serving in Egypt and Cyprus. In 1954 he trained as a cartographical draughtsman with the Ordnance Survey. Then in 1955 he studied architecture, before abandoning this to become an art student and qualifying in 1960.

Endre taught art in secondary schools, polytechnics and colleges of further education before being appointed Education Services Curator with Sheffield City Art Galleries. He left this position in 1974 to lecture in art history at Bretton Hall (South Yorkshire) where he taught up to post-graduate level. Since 1988 he has worked as a highly successful full-time painter.

Roder's paintings are highly distinctive and readily recognisable. Various influences are evident in his work including his Hungarian origins and early life in Malta. Endre draws upon his wide knowledge and fundamental understanding of art, to create careful compositions with his trademark use of colour and sense of decoration.

His paintings are always figurative. They are the result of skillful observation coupled with imagination of mostly of female figures set against wondrous interiors or landscape settings. Recurring themes in Endre's paintings include a white horse or white doves.

In addition to Red Rag art gallery Endre Roder paintings have been exhibited at many other British Art Galleries. Each painting at Red Rag is sourced from the Endre Roder art studio and like all Red Rag British art and Contemporary art it can be shipped worldwide.

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