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British Artist:

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British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - First of the Snow, Fife
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Autumn Woods Lanhydrock, Cornwall British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Winter Grasses, Cornwall
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Silver Light over Start Point British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Across the Fields to the Dodman, Cornwall
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Summer Flowers watch over Kingswear Castle British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Atlantic Light, Cornwall
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Path to the Beach, Bryher, Scillies British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Silver Light and Sea Pinks, Cornwall
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Glorious Summer's Day on the North Coast British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Swift Clouds hide the Sun St Agnes
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Teal and Turquoise Hue, Tresco

British Artist:

Archived Work

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British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - A Winter's Night, Fife
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Flowers at Daymer Bay, Padstow British Artist Amanda HOSKIN -  Fields of Snow Zennor, Cornwall
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Light on the Water, Fowey, Cornwall British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Path to the Beach, Old Grimsby, Tresco
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Beautiful Day at Daymer Bay, Padstow British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Tranquil Colours at Daymer Beach
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Path Down to the Beach, Daymer Bay British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Stunning View towards Start Point
British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Start Point on a Spring Day British Artist Amanda HOSKIN - Sunday Afternoon on the Beach, Cornwall



Art by Amanda HOSKIN

Summer Flowers watch over Kingswear Castle
Amanda HOSKIN - Summer Flowers watch over Kingswear Castle

British Art and Artists at Red Rag Gallery
Artist: Amanda HOSKIN

Amanda Hoskin was born and grew up in Cornwall. She studied at Falmouth and Chelsea Colleges of Art and Cornwall College.

After finishing art school Amanda became a freelance wildlife illustrator working and living in London. A move to the West Country in the early 1990's prompted an interest and passion for painting Landscapes. This passion expanded and grew as she continued to produce paintings, and further developed when Hoskin started using watercolours instead of oil paints. This allowed her to paint using different techniques and in many ways paint in more impressionistic styles.

Amanda Hoskin focuses her interest on painting skies and landscapes paying close attention to detail of light particularly when it falls on open water. Amanda specialises in painting Cornish landscapes, and seaside views due to her great love and understanding for the nature that she surrounds herself with.

Amanda spends many hours walking through the countryside allowing herself to observe and experience vistas on every level. It is because of her engagement with the environment that she is able to render her scenes with such enchantment and beauty. Her knowledge is shown through her effective ways of painting light and foliage, sometimes shown calm and tranquil, and sometimes weathered and rustic. It is clear that Amanda provides the viewer with a painting full of depth, charm and intellect, creating a vision of familiarity to anyone native of Cornwall.

Talking about her paintings Amanda says: 'I am an artist who is very much influenced by the Cornish landscape that surrounds me. Living and working in Cornwall is my greatest inspiration. Whenever I find painting difficult or struggle to find inspiration I grab my sketchbook, go for a long walk and find that my ideas come flowing. My sketchbooks are where my paintings start whether it is a quick watercolour, a line drawing or even a written note to myself to remind me later of my feelings and thoughts.

Today Amanda Hoskin is one of the leading British artists specialising in modern impressionism of the Cornish landscape. She paints outdoors, in the tradition of impressionists, skilfully capturing the momentary and transient effects of light.

In addition to Red Rag Art Gallery Amanda Hoskin has exhibited at other leading British Art Galleries. Each painting at Red Rag is sourced from the Amanda Hoskin artist studio in Cornwall and like all Red Rag British art and Contemporary modern art it can be shipped worldwide.

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